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Porn game Dragon Bride

In the fantasy world, there were two forces: Good, which was personified by People, and Evil, which were Demons, the enmity between them lasted for many centuries. People, tired of the frequent attacks of demons, wanted to live in peace, but unfortunately they could not defeat them, because the demons were ruled by the mighty king of kings, also known as the dragon king Ryuo. The demons, on the other hand, did not go on the offensive, although perhaps they could defeat the people, since Ryuo considered them to be inferior beings who were unworthy of being his enemies, and only played with them. After many centuries, people got tired of Ryuo, he wanted to destroy them, but he could no longer, because among them very strong warriors appeared, the strongest among whom was the Hero. One day, he gathered a huge army under his leadership and went to the land of demons to kill the strongest evil - the dragon king Ryuo. He managed to storm Ryuo Castle, and as soon as he met directly with the lord himself, a conversation began. Ryuo offered to avoid a deadly battle between them and negotiate. He proposed to divide the world into two parts - he will rule one, the second - the Hero, to which the Hero immediately agreed. How shocked the Hero was when he found out that Ryuo had deceived him. Ryuuo used his power to cast a powerful spell that could not be reversed. With this spell, he divided the world into two halves - the female, which he ruled, and the male, which was ruled by the Hero. Time passed, Ryuo began to have fun living without warning that people would attack him, not noticing anything. But one day his faithful servant and best mind came to him - the Great Magician, from whom he learned that a great catastrophe was coming. The fact is that all males were then sealed in the second half of the world, in the world of the Hero, and therefore no more children are born, which means that the demons are threatened with extinction! And those who still managed to stay in the world of Ryuo, including him, became women. The lord and servant had a serious task ahead of them, because they needed to somehow create a male. But still, there was a way out! The great magician, using the power of the lord, applied the imperfect spell FUTANARUHTA on him, which created a member from any part of the body. But since this member could not produce the seed necessary for offspring, it had to be supplemented with the legendary spell Secret of Evolution. Due to the fact that his imperfect FUTANARUHTA could not make a child to a demoness, he needed to close up a child to a human woman. After all, after she has a child from the lord, the so-called Imperial son, he will be able to give offspring to the demons, as he will be fluent in FUTANARUHTA. Upon learning of this condition, Ryuo wanted to close up the baby with Princess Laura, who was in his captivity, but as it turned out, she was able to escape when the Hero broke into the castle. Now, in order to fulfill the mission entrusted to him, Ryuo goes to the human lands teeming with girls to find Princess Laura and make her a child.

Where to begin?
At the beginning, you need to click New Game to start a new game. Then we advise you to choose the type of control Keyboard and Mouse (Keyboard & Mouse), since with this control it will be convenient for you to change weapons, which in the end will make it easier for you to fuck enemy girls. And finally, choose one of three difficulty levels.

Controls (Keyboard and Mouse):
A, W, S, D - Movement
Q, E - Switch magic
Z, X, C - Select passive skill
Left Mouse Button - Shot (To fire, point the dragon sight at your target, then press and hold the Left Mouse Button until the bar on the scope fills at least one bar, then drop).
Mouse movement - Aiming movement

How to start a new level?
After you complete the level, you will be taken to your castle. There you will need to select the Stage Select item, and then click on the female icon on the map to start it.

Where can I get new weapons, costume and buy items?
In order to purchase new weapons, costumes and items, you need to select the Call Merchant menu item in your castle. From that seller girl you can buy new weapons for yourself for gold: staves, whips, bats by selecting the Buy Weapons item; costumes (armor): cloaks and lecherous underwear by selecting Buy Armor; additional items that will increase your character's chest and undress your magician and seller by selecting the Buy Item option.

Where are the purchased weapons, costumes and items, and how do I get them?
In order to use the purchased items, so to speak, to equip the character, you first need to select the Bed Room item from the menu in your castle, and then the Equipment item. There, by clicking on the Change Wepon item, you can choose from the weapons you have at your disposal, which you like. Also, by selecting the Change Armor item, you can choose an outfit for yourself, and by selecting the Change Item item, you can apply items.

How to fuck girls in the game?
In order to have sex with a girl, you first need to stun her, for this you must attack her with magic or beat her. As soon as the girl kneels down and stops moving, you have to come close to her, aim at her and press the Left mouse button, after that your character will become naked and his penis will grow. Then you have to press the Left mouse button on the girl again so that your character pounces on her and starts fucking.

Is it possible to somehow play separately sex scenes or watch?
Yes, there is such a possibility. But you will be able to see sex scenes only with those girls that you fucked directly in the game. To do this, you must select the menu item Bed Room (Bedroom) in your castle, and then Memories (Memories).

How to save the game?
To save the game, select the menu item Bed Room (Bedroom) in your castle, and then Save (Save).

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