Attention! The game works with an online emulator. Therefore, if nothing is displayed, then do not close the game, but just be patient and wait for it to load. If the game has not loaded for a long time, then most likely your device (PC, notebook) is not powerful enough to play this game. So don't be discouraged, just find another game on our website and play it!

Porn game Where is the Milk

On Christmas Eve, the Meat and Fak shopping center held a huge sale and obliged all stores to come up with original goods in order to lure more customers. The most popular place on this day was a sweets shop, where divine cookies with bomb milk icing are prepared. But no one expected such an influx of people, all the cookies were swept off the shelves in a matter of minutes and many were left without their favorite delicacy. The store urgently needed to prepare a new batch of goods, but there was not a drop of milk in the shop. They ordered milk via the Internet, but the supplier could not deliver the goods on time. Workers had already given up hope, with angry customers demanding new cookies and threatening to kill them if they didn't get what they wanted. Poor salesman Marty tried to find a way out of this situation, but could not think of anything. The situation worsened when the owner, Ms. Megamounds, entered the store and demanded an explanation. Seeing the boss, Marty came up with a brilliant idea. This woman had surprisingly big boobs, and in the back room Marty kept a gift to his beloved girl - a BDSM machine and a milking machine. The picture came together, Marty realized that Megamounds was ready to do anything to satisfy the desires of customers and persuaded her to use the machine to milk the missing milk, and at the same time fuck such a strict and impregnable boss.

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